The Uprising was born in a gym. Or to be more accurate, The Enchanted Ninja Clubhouse of Glory and Dreams at Mark Fisher Fitness. On a block in Hell’s Kitchen, New Yorkers of all shapes and sizes changed their lives by unlocking the secrets of health and hotness. But more importantly, they unlocked their own power to live their best lives. They invested in themselves and in their community. They developed new habits and new friends and new beliefs about their own limits. They became strong. They became superheroes.

But what is a superhero if she’s not out saving the world?

That’s the question that Uprising Founder Talia Corren asked. What would the world look like if we trained compassion and generosity the way we train deadlifts and push-ups? Not only getting 1% better every day, but GIVING 1% better. After all, our habits tell us who we are. So let’s be heroes. Let’s train a new set of habits to turn the limiting beliefs that say we can never give enough time or money to make an impact, into the experience that says, “I showed up, I made a difference, and I did it with my community!”

The Uprising is a place where everyone can show up. Show up with your friends. Show up with your time. Show up with your resources. Show up with your heart.

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Hunter Bell • Darren Biggart • Talia Corren • Maria de Cesare • Mark Fisher • Beth Gardiner • Katie Kaufman • Michael Keeler • Michael Littig • Stephanie Dilorio Prohaska • Regina Rizzo • Tyler Whitman


Superhero Society listing as of 7/12/17

Leadership Gifts

  • Mark Fisher Fitness
  • Tyler Whitman
  • Matt Britten
  • Hunter Bell
  • Jolie & Gabe Schwartz
  • Hollis Stern
  • Kathleen Sundt

Recurring Donors

  • Ben Adams
  • David Baldwin
  • John Bell
  • Darren Biggart
  • Justin Birdsong
  • Ryan Bloomquist
  • Kersti Bryan
  • Leigh Cambre
  • Mary-Mitchell Campbell
  • Jodi Carter
  • Karyn Casl
  • Rusty Clark
  • Beth Clayton
  • Mardie Cohen
  • Daniel Corren
  • Talia Corren
  • Dennis Corsi
  • Brian Crowley
  • Chris Crowthers
  • Bonnie Erickson
  • Alison Faircloth
  • Joshua First
  • Christopher Freer
  • Michael Gacetta
  • Alisha Giampola
  • Bridget Harvey
  • Jonathan Horvath
  • Shari Hovan
  • Landen Jones
  • Stella Kaufman
  • Katie Kaufman
  • Thomas Keenan
  • Caite Kemp
  • Helen Lang
  • Jayson Leisenring
  • Michael Littig
  • Patrick Lynn
  • Bruston Manuel
  • Cian McCarthy
  • Molly McCarthy-Egan
  • Patti Miller
  • Lisa Morris
  • Molly Murphy
  • Eric Ogden
  • Cathleen Oliva
  • Roberta Pereira
  • Jessie Pitluk
  • Stephanie Prohaska
  • Stephen Ravet
  • Christian Sineath
  • Hollis Stern
  • Ashley Timm
  • Glynn Turner
  • Steven Tyler
  • Molly Tynes
  • Isidro Villarreal
  • Ilene Weiss
  • Scott Whipple
  • Dava White
  • Allison Whorton
  • Casey York

One Time Donors

  • Apple
  • Carl Andress
  • Susan Avery
  • Kankshit Bheda
  • Amy Burgmaier
  • Beth Clayton
  • Zada Giles
  • Stephen Holiner
  • Gap, Inc.
  • Sean Lynam
  • Peter Markus
  • Steven Mooney
  • Mona Patel
  • Eddie Sandler
  • Clinton Sherwood
  • Flaviu Simihaian
  • Martin Smithmyer
  • Laca Tines
  • Marc Viscardi
  • Hannah Williams
  • Jonathan Wood
  • Milly Worley
  • Casey York