We strive to build connectedness and community with our most isolated citizens.

As individuals, as a community, and as a city, we are at our best when we embrace our shared humanity and values and work together to promote bold solutions to our most pressing problems. When we feel the most challenged and isolated, we are called to reach out and invest in our own communities.

We work to become better citizens and allies to those whose rights, dignity, or safety are threatened.

Each quarter, the Superhero Society selects a pressing issue on which to “shine the light.” By learning from thought leaders and experts on the ground, we are able to educate ourselves and leverage our collective strength and agency for the powers of good.

We commit to investigate complex problems and reveal evidence-based solutions that propel us forward.

Social challenges are by definition complex. Describing them and solving them requires more than 140 characters. We surround ourselves with deep thinkers and strong doers to help us get to the core opportunity for improvement.

Past Projects